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PostSubject: WASALAK ( GUILD PACKAGE)   Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:50 am

+20 set and +30 weapon +20%regen for Guild Leader.

IGN: 7ned(Guild Leader)
WEP: Dragon Shield Claw
SET: Infinity Set

IGN: Shernan (member)
Wep: Superior B
Set: Black Crystal Set
Class: Swordsman

IGN: LogIn (member)
Wep: Swirl Sword 1 (Elec)
Set: Mech Set
Class: Swordsman

IGN: NaruseMaria (member)
Wep: Soul Bow 1 (Ice)
Set: Black Crystal Set
Class: Archer

IGN: QWERTY (member)
Wep: Swirl Bow 3 (Ice)
Set: Neo Set
Class: Archer

IGN: renroCeciD7(member)
Wep: Bear Shield Claw
Set : Black Crystal Set
Class: Brawler

IGN: DemonEater(member)
Wep: Valiant A
Set : Neo Set
Class: Swordsman

IGN: Sylar (member)
WEP: Dragon Shield Claw
SET: Black Crytal Set
CLASS: Brawler

IGN: LEON (member)
WEP: Valiant B
SET: Neo Set
CLASS: Swordsman

IGN: YanYan (member)
Wep: Bear Shield Claw
Set: BlackCrystal
Class: Brawler

IGN: Opsz (member)
Wep: Trinity Soul Spear2 (petro)
Set: Mech Set
Class: Shamman

IGN: MARIA(member)
WEP: Trinity Soul Bow (ice)
SET: Neo Set
CLASS: Archer
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